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History of the AO Legion    

History of the AO Legion.

The History of the AO Legion can be said that it has seen good days, bad days and almost destroyed. The founding of the AO Legion began during the Dominion War when the Klingons and Romulans made an alliance with the United Federation of Planets. Under Article 14, Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter states that "extradionary measures can be taken to protect the United Federation of Planets and her territories". This was put into play by Starfleet command and activated the AO Legion Task Force. Deriving from the Alpha (the beginning) and the Omega (the end), the core foundation for this Task Force was to ensure that wars like the Dominion War do not ever start up again. They never did until the Federation Klingon War erupted in 2402. At this time the AO Legion Task Force was activated again to bring order to chaos from its beginning to its end.

Led by Fleet Admiral Jack "Jackal" Okason the AO Legion is hard pressed in pushing back the Klingon Empire and anybody else that may stand in the way of threatning the United Federation of Planets and her territories.

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Fleet Positions Open    

Greetings! The following fleet positions are now open for applications. Please visit the Starbase Deck 4: Personnel Management for more information. *NOTE* You will have to be a member of the AO Legion to apply.

Personnel Management Leader: Handles assigning members to Fleet Assignments, promotions, demotions, awards.

Research and Development Leader: Handles crafting gear for the fleet. Stationed at Memory Alpha.

Mission Operations Leader: Handles player guides and setting up STF, Fleet Event, Fleet Action, Invasion Zones, Accolade hunting missions.

Shipyard Operations Dockmaster: Handles getting gear for the starbase and submitting information to High Command for what is needed.

Special Operations Force Commander: Player vs Player commander. Handles PVP

Ambassador: Handles talking to other fleets and inter-fleet events. Is stationed at the Fleet Embassy on New Romulus.

Starfleet Academy Commandant: Runs Starfleet Academy

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